The Training Session of soil/sediment high resolution analysis Technology

March 18, 2020

October 26th-27th, 2019, soil/sediment high resolution analysis technology training exchange held in nanjing.The technical training will be jointly organized by Easysensor and Nanjing Guoxing environmental protection industry research institute, and co-organized by journal of agricultural environmental science.The theme of the training session was “2-d high resolution detection of pH/DO/ co2-nutrient salt – heavy metal – enzyme activity”, aiming to solve the current bottleneck problem in the field of soil/sediment research — the acquisition of microscale spatial and temporal information.A total of 208 people from 67 institutions of higher learning in China applied for the training.

This training session has a distinctive feature, the theme report, the scene demonstration and the actual operation combination, let the trainer after understanding the technical principle and the application, can do it by themselves, learn the technology of interest, in order to be used in the follow-up research.The training will last for two days, including one main venue and six sub-sessions.On the first day, the main meeting place was held in the large conference room, with 6 thematic reports for each technology. On the second day, the meeting place was held in guoxing institute of environmental protection industry, with 6 sub-meetings.Second stage: DGT 2d high resolution analysis of phosphorus, sulfur and heavy metals;Third venue: on-site operation demonstration of joint use of PO and dgt-po;Fourth session: enzyme spectrum technology explanation and demonstration;Fifth session: x-ii continuous flow water quality analyzer operation demonstration;Sixth session: hr-peeper, IPI Sampler high resolution pore water sampling technology.In addition, the meeting also set up a technical consultant link, opened up the time for the exchange of researchers, so that each participant has the opportunity to make progress in the exchange, promote the application and development of technology.