PO43- Combination

Technical principle

DGT and PO were used to measure dissolved oxygen and phosphorus simultaneously.

Operation steps (indoor simulation experiment)

  1. prepare the cuboid plexiglass column (the sidewall of the column can be removed), fill the mixed sediment layer by layer into the column, and pour in the overlying water. After stabilizing for a period of time, pour the water out and remove the sidewall.(tilt the columns in opposite directions to prevent sediment from collapsing)
  2. clean the inner sidewall of the removed column with alcohol and pure water.
  3. prepare the DO membrane, make it face up, put the Zr-oxide adsorption membrane face up on the front of the PO membrane, then put a layer of filter membrane on the Zr-oxide membrane (the area is larger than DGT membrane), put a layer of black tape around the filter membrane, seal the Zr-oxide membrane between the filter membrane and the PO membrane, and form the do-zro composite sensing membrane.
  4. peel off the membrane on the back of the PO membrane of the above Do-Zro composite sensing film, paste it on the inner side of the removed column sidewall, and then install the column side wall back to the column. This causes both the front of the DGT and PO membranes to face the sediment.
  5. take photos according to the stage set by the experiment, and the method and process are consistent with the plane optopole method.