High resolution Peeper – Pore water determination (Global initiative)

June 5, 2020

1. Composition and structure The structure of HR-peeper is as shown in the figure below. It is assembled by the bottom plate, interlayer, cover plate, horizontal bar and two layers of PVDF filter membrane.

2、Specifications and parameters

High-resolution Peeper (hr-peeper), independently developed in the intelligent environment, has a High spatial and temporal resolution, and can be used to detect more than 30 dissolved objects in pore water, which greatly meets the requirements of rapid and high-resolution acquisition of sediment pore water.

TargetsNutrient: Fe, P, NH4+, NO3-, NO2-, Heavy Metal: Cd, Co, Cu, Mn, Zn, Pb, Ni, As, Cr, Mo, Sb, Se, V, W
Resolution Ratio5mm
Diffusive gelAgarose diffusive gel,thickness 0.80 mm,Length * width150*20mm
Filter membraneDouble side PVDF, thickness 0.10 mm,Length * width200*40mm
Ultrathin membraneAperture 5 μm, thickness 9 μm
PackagePut stand-alone packages in a sterilized, aluminum foil bag,  make hermetically sealed to preserve moisture and don’t expose to light.
Shelf Method12 months (4℃-40℃)

3. Product advantages

(1) short balance time, only 2 days (48h);

(2) high vertical resolution, 5mm to obtain a data;

(3) the sample has a large volume and satisfies the determination of multiple elements;

(4) the outermost layer is fixed with an ultra-thin filter film, which does not affect ion diffusion. After removal, the surface of the filter film can be guaranteed to be clean, and the sample will not be contaminated during sampling.

(5) the operation is simple and convenient, it can be operated quickly only with the fluid pipette.

4、Applied Cases