DO Sensing Membrane (PO DO10)

Working principle of DO Sensing Membrane

The photochemical sensing membrane contains a fluorescent dye sensitive to dissolved oxygen and the dye is attached to a gas-permeable polymer matrix. When the dissolved oxygen penetrates through the polymer and comes into contact with the fluorescent dye, the fluorescence of the dye will be dynamically quenched according to the change in oxygen concentration. The fluorescence change (red light) can be recognized and recorded by the CCD camera, and the oxygen concentration can be quantified according to the fluorescence intensity.

Application scope of DO Sensing Membrane

At present, the oxygen range applicable to the intelligent DO sensing membrane is 0-100%, which can meet the requirements of rapid high-resolution detection at different oxygen levels.

Preservation conditions of DO Sensing Membrane

  1. DO sensing membrane should be stored in cold storage away from light, keep a dry storage environment, and check regularly.
  2. in order to prevent the sensing membrane from being polluted or weakened, it is not appropriate to open the sealed package before use.
  3. when in use, do not touch the front of the sensing membrane (where the dye is) with your hands or other articles, and handle the blank substrate.

Size of DO fluorescent film

The standard size of the DO sensing membrane produced by zhizhi is 10cm*10cm. Customers can customize the size according to the experimental needs, and we will cut it according to the requirements.